About Dog Walking (and Pet Sitting) with Jo - Borough Green - Platt - Plaxtol - Basted - Wrotham - Wrotham Heath

As well as being a dog owner myself, and having had a variety of pets.  I have a BSc (Hons) degree in environmental science so am well aware of the needs animals have to stay happy, fit and healthy. 
A stint as an ecologist made me realise that moving animals from their natural habitat for a living wasn't something I was comfortable with.  Often ecological works are undertaken as a "tick box" exercise to suit the convenience of the developers and planners rather than for the good of the animals affected so I prefer to dedicate my skills to conservation. 
I do a lot of voluntary work in wildlife conservation and am very active in the conservation of Britain's native amphibians and reptiles.  I think it's fair to say I'm a firm and committed animal lover! 
I am at my happiest when out walking with my dog, and importantly, that's where my dog is at his happiest too!  I look forward to sharing some of these walks with your dog - enabling you to enjoy a happy, settled dog at home.
I also run British Wildlife Gifts - www.britishwildlifegifts.co.uk which helps fundraise for wildlife conservation charities and rescues. 
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