Our Services

Half-day Doggy Day Care £20 per day 
Borough Green, Platt, Ightham, Wrotham and Plaxtol clients who require regular weekly dog care will have free pick up and drop home.
I'm hoping this will offer a more cost effective option for clients who are out at work during the week but do not require full time Doggy Day Care.  Your dog will be able to snooze at home for half the day and play with other dogs, have a good run in the woods and company for the rest of the day.  The perfect solution for the working dog owner.  This may be half a day or one walk and one visit (timed appropriately to be spread out to suit your hours at work). 
Other areas further than these will be charged 50p per mile after the first 2 miles.
1 hour walk - £12.00     
(plus 50 pence per mile for clients over 3 miles from TN15 8HQ).
Weekend walks £15.
"Pop in" visits
For dogs that just need to be let out into the garden during the day £10.00
(plus any mileage charges as above)
Doggy day care (whole day 7-8hrs) - £30.00 (dependent on current availability)
Care for your dog while you are at work.  
Includes a minimum of 2 walks a day with no more than 4 dogs on each walk.  
(Pick up and drop off available.  Mileage charges as above).
Sundays and Bank Holidays £35.00.
Your dog will be able to enjoy socialising and having a really good run with up to 3 other friendly dogs in beautiful woodlands far from any roads or hazards.  
Senior Citizen and Senior Dog Discounts
Where possible, I will give a special discount for local clients of £7.00 for a short walk of up to 20 minutes - i.e. a short walk around the block or to your local park for the elderly dog that cannot manage a full walk and just needs a bit of fresh air.   Availability of this discount will be subject to my workload.   Clients living further than 3 miles from Borough Green will be subject to mileage charges as above. 
Holiday pet sitting and day care
Basic "once-a-day" visits for your pets, picking up post, watering plants from as little as £10.00.
Also available, twice daily, morning and evening visits, opening /shutting curtains etc. 
Clients living further than 3 miles from Borough Green will be subject to mileage charges as above. 
Please contact me for a quote.
Timings are from pick up of your dog from your home to drop off so includes for example the time it takes to unlock, de-activate alarms, greeting and fussing of dog, drive to a walking area if there is not a suitable one near to your home, calming and settling your dog back into his or her home, re-setting alarms etc.  For this reason you may find that an hour walk is much nicer for your dog than a half-hour walk.